Professional Training

Cost: $4,500

Duration: 7 days

Includes all supplies, materials. Just bring some rubber boots and clothes to get dirty in. We include your own Makita wet polisher and set of Diamond pads to use during your training and to take home with you when you are done.

There has never been an opportunity to train at this level. If you want to take on projects in your own home with confidence or, start an exciting new career and business this training is for you. You will be taught everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years working with concrete. This course is designed to jump start you into the world of pre-cast concrete. This is a very labour intensive course. Every day students will have their own projects to work on, unlike other courses of 12 people or more, where one project is shared amongst smaller groups. You do everything yourself.

The course is 7 days, but we offer some extra training if you need it. Not everyone is comfortable using the variety of tools needed so we offer a free “intro to tools” day before the course commences. We’ll explain how to use all the various tools safely, so you can approach your projects with confidence.

What is in the course?

  • Learn proper concrete mix design and how to adjust it for whatever project you have
  • Learn how to mix natural sand, bagged sand, or adjust pre bagged mixes
  • Build molds including various styles of integral sinks. Ranging from easy to complicated mold designs
  • Learn to make curves and “drop down edges”
  • Understand the best choice in mixers and learn to use all different kinds: handheld, drum and mortar mixers
  • Use various placement techniques to achieve natural contemporary finishes along with old world stone, variegated, blended, tortoise shell and terrazzo finishes
  • Create various textures and inlays
  • How to strip forms and process concrete for each type of pour
  • Learn the timing for the fastest processing including the best slurry/grouting techniques
  • Polish faster and better learning step by step instructions with valuable tips and techniques
  • Understand how to cure concrete properly
  • Identify which type of sealer to use in each application. Interior/exterior, kitchen/bath, etc.
  • Properly apply a professional grade food safe sealer and learn how to maintain and repair it
  • How to do gloss and matte finishes
  • Make proper templates for ease of mold making
  • Safe packaging and transportation
  • Estimating and costing projects – per job or by the square foot?
  • Where to market your products
  • Vertically cast concrete for wall panels
  • Thin cast hybrid GFRC panels for wall panel or tile applications
  • Bent or warped wet cast GFRC concrete, learn to bend concrete into shapes. in the course we make a bench
  • How to cut and core concrete
  • Using different stains both acid and water based
  • WE DO NOT specifically cover any spray GFRC applications but I have the equipment available for students to try it if they so wish.

Booking Details – Click here to view Training Calendar

  • We have a minimum class size of two people but we do offer private one on one training, contact me for details and availability.
  • The “Buddy Deal” – *come with a partner and they receive a 50% discount (see below for details)
  • All courses require a 50% non-refunable deposit with the balance due one week before arrival.
  • Please see cancellation policy
  • I’ll contact each student individually to discuss experience and expectation
  • We want you to have the best experience possible in a safe and fun environment so ask as many questions as you like both before and during the course
  • Course dates may change depending on my work load but not once they are booked
  • Contact me, if there’s more demand I’ll offer more dates

*The “Buddy Deal” – two partners can train together making it more affordable with travel and hotel expenses. There’s a lot of info to take in so its a good idea to have a second pair of ears. Partners work on the same projects together as to not take up extra space keeping class sizes small. Each person will receive there own polisher and full set of diamond pads 50-1500.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non refundable. We understand things happen in life, while the deposit is non refundable we keep it as a credit so you can still come and train at another date.


Class Projects

Each student will work on two major projects and several smaller ones. Each project is designed to give you the best of experience with all aspects of architectural concrete. Take any or all of them home with you.

Concrete Bench Project

Project 1 – Concrete Bench

While constructing this bench you will learn to do drop down edges as well as vertical mold with inlays and textures.

Concrete Vanity with Integral Sink

Project 2 – Countertop with Integral Concrete Sink

In this project learn how to make your own sink form and countertop.

Ready to get started?

Professional level Concrete Countertop Artisan Training in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Vernon British Columbia, Canada.

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