As a current concrete precast professional and business owner Keith help me clear up grey miss guided areas concerning mix designs. Keith taught me not to be afraid to play with mix designs to achieve different results. Keith taught me that, “concrete is the art of controlling chaos.” These words truly stuck in my head. Concrete is a beast of a material and is overwhelmingly addictive. The possibilities are endless and the only boundaries are you imagination.

As a fellow Canadian, Crewe Concrete Design taught me how to harvest productions locally and within our country. Our business is no longer importing products from other countries, our raw material prices have dropped dramatically, and the tips and tricks I have learned and applying in our shop are saving us time and money.

It is hard to put a price tag on REAL world experience. From pricing quotes, to dealing with customers I can call Keith anytime for true authentic advice.

Not only was the trip a huge help for my business but it was also tones of fun, a beautiful place to visit and most importantly a friendship was created.

Looking forward to my next trip!

- Jason Johnston