Since we started our small concrete business in Europe, we have been wanting to do a real “concrete” training to learn as much as there is to learn about concrete and the different techniques, but it was only talking talking until we discovered Keith Crewe. None other of the trainings worldwide made us wanting to do the training so bad as this one did. So we spontaneously planned a huge trip across the world and it was worth every penny (and the jet lag).

Since day one, looking at the consistency of the first concrete mix we never were able to achieve before, until the last day where we have been messing around with a hilarious staining techniques – we’ve been like WOW; AWESOME. Learned so much, Keith really knows what he is talking about, has loads of experience and knows all the mistakes, tries to satisfy every wish and answer every question, solve every problem. He is also a nice and funny guy to hang out with 🙂 His shop is perfect, he has every tool and every mix and awesome music. Funny friends always stop by. Despite the easy going character, or maybe because of it – we really recommend this and were quite sad, when it ended. Luba & Michal

Cheers & Regards to Canada!

- Lubica Rybar