I would first like to say that I’ve never written a testimonial before (however I’ve attended well over 50 courses) but I felt inclined to write this one. I’ve read 100’s of testimonials because I have always felt good research saves money. Always search for the best product.

Prior to signing up for Keith Crewe’s workshop, I knew little about him nor his company, but I knew less about making concrete countertops.

This course changed my life. Keith is inspirational. I took just as much out of this course in terms of concrete knowledge, as I did life knowledge. That’s a bold statement but I truly believe Keith has made my life better. Seeing how passionate he is about making concrete countertops is incredible. He would rather lose money and send you home happy, than make money off your course fee and see you leave unsatisfied. He is by far the most unselfish person I have ever met. He cares so much about your experience and what you take out of this course. He taught me so much that I am currently working on opening my own company for concrete design in 2016. He gives you such a solid understanding of the basics that you feel very confident learning the advanced intricacy of this art.

If you search for the best products out there, if you strive for the best information,  Keith and Wood Quarry Designs will do everything for you that you want it to. It’s well worth the money. Oliver Bredesen

- Oliver Bredesen