What a great week! After researching concrete counter top courses in both Canada and the United States I found Keith’s website. His website promised small class sizes, hands-on work and a course curriculum that fit my needs. We talked a few times and I decided to register for his 7 day course. During my week with Keith we covered building molds, different concrete design mixtures, pouring, polishing and sealing. The best part was that I had input into my projects, got to get my hands dirty in all parts of the process (most courses I found online have you watching a demonstration or having to share a project with other students and thus not getting enough hands-on time) and drive home with the finished pieces. Keith has a great teaching style that is supportive (he answered a lot of questions during the week) and yet he didn’t take over, he let me go and stepped in when I needed it. The time just flew by and now find myself wishing I was back in his shop working on another project! I highly recommend giving Keith a call.

- Rob