The week we spent at the course was amazing!  Keith is an awesome teacher and I know we only pulled out about 1/10 of the knowledge and expertise that he has. The group we had come up with ideas that I would never had thought could be created out of concrete and they turned out amazing. Thank you so much Keith for your patience and wisdom!

- Colin Mason

What a great week! After researching concrete counter top courses in both Canada and the United States I found Keith's website. His website promised small class sizes, hands-on work and a course curriculum that fit my needs. We talked a few times and I decided to register for his 7 day course. During my week with Keith we covered building molds, different concrete design mixtures, pouring, polishing and sealing. The best part was that I had input into my projects, got to get my hands dirty in all parts of the process (most courses I found online have you watching a demonstration or having to share a project with other students and thus not getting enough hands-on time) and drive home with the finished pieces. Keith has a great teaching style that is supportive (he answered a lot of questions during the week) and yet he didn't take over, he let me go and stepped in when I needed it. The time just flew by and now find myself wishing I was back in his shop working on another project! I highly recommend giving Keith a call.

- Rob

Since we started our small concrete business in Europe, we have been wanting to do a real “concrete” training to learn as much as there is to learn about concrete and the different techniques, but it was only talking talking until we discovered Keith Crewe. None other of the trainings worldwide made us wanting to do the training so bad as this one did. So we spontaneously planned a huge trip across the world and it was worth every penny (and the jet lag). Since day one, looking at the consistency of the first concrete mix we never were able to achieve before, until the last day where we have been messing around with a hilarious staining techniques - we’ve been like WOW; AWESOME. Learned so much, Keith really knows what he is talking about, has loads of experience and knows all the mistakes, tries to satisfy every wish and answer every question, solve every problem. He is also a nice and funny guy to hang out with 🙂 His shop is perfect, he has every tool and every mix and awesome music. Funny friends always stop by. Despite the easy going character, or maybe because of it - we really recommend this and were quite sad, when it ended. Luba & Michal Cheers & Regards to Canada!

- Lubica Rybar

I recently attended the 5-day professional training course as well as the 2-day advanced training course. The training was completely laid back and hands-on, Keith allowed us to do whatever we wished. We pretty much owned him and his shop for a week. This course truly unlocked the “mystery of concrete” for me and I went from unable to pour a sidewalk using a concrete truck to creating a bench using concrete made from scratch including different colors and several surface textures. I am in the process of building a house and the knowledge that I have now has enabled me to add several personal touches to my house that will last a lifetime, not to mention save me a lot of money. Keith shared every trick in the book and I enjoyed learning from scratch rather than learning how to use the expensive concrete counter-top mixes you can buy from the store similar to a couple other courses I considered. After the course I have contacted Keith on many occasions with questions he always answers. The course was worth every penny and more.

- Darcy Cornelssen

Keith crewe does an excellent job in providing students with a hands on approach & the skills to confidently work with concrete. A perfect course for those looking to build a solid foundation in this field. Keith's dedication & support continues long after the course ends & provides an open dialogue for any concerns or follow ups needed.

- Bruno Chang

As a current concrete precast professional and business owner Keith help me clear up grey miss guided areas concerning mix designs. Keith taught me not to be afraid to play with mix designs to achieve different results. Keith taught me that, "concrete is the art of controlling chaos." These words truly stuck in my head. Concrete is a beast of a material and is overwhelmingly addictive. The possibilities are endless and the only boundaries are you imagination. As a fellow Canadian, Crewe Concrete Design taught me how to harvest productions locally and within our country. Our business is no longer importing products from other countries, our raw material prices have dropped dramatically, and the tips and tricks I have learned and applying in our shop are saving us time and money. It is hard to put a price tag on REAL world experience. From pricing quotes, to dealing with customers I can call Keith anytime for true authentic advice. Not only was the trip a huge help for my business but it was also tones of fun, a beautiful place to visit and most importantly a friendship was created. Looking forward to my next trip!

- Jason Johnston

Coming into this course, I didn’t know what to expect. My hope was to gain some skill and knowledge about concrete and hopefully leave with the know how to start making some small projects. The course that Keith Crewe put on far exceeded my expectations. Keith has a passion for what he does and he is incredibly inspiring and motivating. He had us all so excited to get started, there was never a dull moment in the course, we were constantly learning through hands on experience. Keith is an incredible instructor he pays attention to detail and gave us all one on one instruction. He let us use our imagination to come up with designs, which he then helped us bring to fruition and we all left with beautiful concrete pieces. He is incredibly generous with his time, knowledge and effort that he puts into the course, his focus is on his students and he aspires to see them succeed.  I left this course with the confidence, knowledge and skill to come home and start working on personal projects as well as the confidence to start working with clients.   This course was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Keith Crewe has it going on! Thanks Keith.

- Cameron Haugrud

Creativity, hard work, and a desire to build something from nothing, are just a few key points I could say to define Keith Crewe’s Concrete Design Course. As a journeyman carpenter I wanted to branch out and take my skill set in a new direction, and with Keith’s expertise and invaluable insight, I feel that I can do that now. In this hands-on course, there is always a potential for projects to go wrong. Keith not only allows you to mess up, he also gives you the tools to come up with a practical solution. He also provides an intimate setting with lots of one on one instruction. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking into concrete design.

- Patrick Clark

Keith's course is not for everyone. If you DON'T enjoy making something out of nothing, one on one or small group instruction, having someone tell you if you can think it he will help you figure out how to make it, hard work, getting dirty, getting wet, hours of polishing, great chats and solving the worlds problems over a beverage then this course may not be for you but for the other 99% out there I highly recommend this course. Keith's teaching is adaptive to the students needs as everyone has different skill sets, if you need help he is there to help and explain and if he sees you are doing things correctly he lets you work until you need help. Ultimately if you like to learn, be creative, make cool projects with a great teacher that is a master of his craft then Keith Crewe is your man.

- Chris Fedor

Keith wears Carhartts instead of black t-shirts, but he is an artist. He knows concrete, but also so much more. Not only the aesthetic design, but the practicalities of making something work, and for the long term. His course is hands-on and practical, and small enough that he can deal one on one with each student; he is straight-up and honest, and genuinely cares that each person really learns and can demonstrate their new skills. I would recommend Keith to anyone wanting to learn about concrete.

- Tony Bullman

My partner had taken an interest in concrete counter tops and through searching for professional training came across Keith Crewe. We took advantage of Keith's "Buddy Deal" which made it more affordable for me to learn with my partner, who had more experience and had completed some projects already. It was intimidating for me, as I was a little nervous about my own abilities and how much I would be able to get out of this class. We had considered training elsewhere before finding Keith, but we were unsure about mixed reviews and large class sizes at other training institutes. After talking to Keith, we had a good feeling about his attitude toward learning and knew this was exactly what we were looking for. Besides the fact that we took home one-of-a-kind pieces worth well over the cost of both our training, we got exactly what we needed with Keith's guidance. He was patient and accommodating with me, while challenging my partner to improve his abilities and create better work. The difference between Keith Crewe and other concrete training is that Keith wants every one of his students to succeed. You will not find another instructor willing to give as much support during and after training, making himself available for any questions after the course is done. We couldn't be happier after spending a week working in the beautiful Okanagan and look forward to taking any other courses Keith offers in the future.

- Hannah Boudreau

Great Course! The instruction was very thorough and hands on. Well worth the money. I am already starting my own projects! Thanks Keith! Ill be back!

- Scott Mildenberger

I made the right decision to travel across Canada and learn from Keith Crewe at Wood Quarry Designs. Completing our own projects from start to finish allowed the greatest scope for learning all steps of designing and building concrete counter tops. After completing the course I have enough knowledge to start beautiful home projects!

- Loretta Emonts, Owen Sound, Ontario

I would first like to say that I've never written a testimonial before (however I've attended well over 50 courses) but I felt inclined to write this one. I've read 100's of testimonials because I have always felt good research saves money. Always search for the best product. Prior to signing up for Keith Crewe's workshop, I knew little about him nor his company, but I knew less about making concrete countertops. This course changed my life. Keith is inspirational. I took just as much out of this course in terms of concrete knowledge, as I did life knowledge. That's a bold statement but I truly believe Keith has made my life better. Seeing how passionate he is about making concrete countertops is incredible. He would rather lose money and send you home happy, than make money off your course fee and see you leave unsatisfied. He is by far the most unselfish person I have ever met. He cares so much about your experience and what you take out of this course. He taught me so much that I am currently working on opening my own company for concrete design in 2016. He gives you such a solid understanding of the basics that you feel very confident learning the advanced intricacy of this art. If you search for the best products out there, if you strive for the best information,  Keith and Wood Quarry Designs will do everything for you that you want it to. It's well worth the money. Oliver Bredesen

- Oliver Bredesen

"Thanks Keith,That was a great week for me, it was well worth my time and money."

- Roy Beuker, Beuma Contracting

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