About Keith

20 years in business, and 15 years working almost exclusively with concrete.

I wanted to create products with longevity that would endure in our increasingly disposable culture. After working in the varying tasks of a carpenter for many years, I decided wood working was of great interest to me. The endless design possibilities and extensive use of hand tools was far more satisfying to me than just swinging a hammer. In 2001, I was working on a new table and thought Concrete would add a new visual element to the traditional project.

Concrete is durable and because it starts out as a fluid medium, it offers enormous possibilities for creativity. The resulting beauty, solidity, and practicality distinguish concrete as my material of choice for fine design. Its ability to take on texture and varying levels of polish make it the only truly custom choice.

Wanting to learn more about the medium itself, its limitations and possibilities, I took some advanced training in concrete mix design and structural reinforcement. This gave me the ability to custom design each mix according to specific customer’s needs and make the highest quality concrete possible. Concrete in the hands of an Artisan has the possibility to become something more unique and beautiful than ever expected.

I’ve always enjoyed building things, and have spent most of my working life as a carpenter. There are so many aspects to carpentry as a trade that I enjoy. In my mid 20’s I started Wood Quarry Designs. I like the skill set and attention to detail that is needed to handcraft furniture. I started using concrete for table tops and fell in love with the medium and the creative potential it had to offer. All these years later it’s still my passion. Most of my time is spent creating countertops, fireplaces, bathroom vanities and showers but I still dedicate some time to building mixed media furniture pieces.

Although I still work with wood, my primary focus is working with concrete, designing and making unique custom counter tops as well as fireplace surrounds, shower and tub surrounds, water features and other home accessories. Anywhere you can use tile you can use concrete!

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